CEREC 3D Tooth Restoration

It just takes a moment to recognize that one of nature’s greatest wonder, at it’s very best, is a balance of beautiful form and vibrantly healthy function.

With the latest advances in computer aided design (CAD/CAM), dentistry has never been so close to duplicating the simple and elegant

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design found in tooth enamel. The CEREC 3D system consists of an advanced 3D camera, and a design and milling system that allows the dentist to design a replacement for whatever part of a tooth is missing, and then actually mill it from a block translucent porcelain.


You’ve just chipped tooth. Now you’re wondering, what’s next?

The Cerec experience can uniquely shorten your dental experience to as little as one single visit.

Imagine the possibility of no return visit, no temporary tooth restoration, and best of all your tooth can be restored with minimal preparation in many cases. All of this adds up to a simple reality … the Cerec Experience is focused on conservative and exceptional care.

In many cases, you can walk in for dental care and walk out the same day … finished! That’s the Cerec Experience, an experience to smile about!

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