Do Your Children Need Dental Sealants? The Pros and Cons

Morgan Hill Smiles kids dental sealants

We completely understand that your children love candy and cookies and cake and everything else that taste great! I don’t think I’ve met a kid who doesn’t like those things!

But sadly, consuming too many of those tooth decaying treats can facilitate the perfect cavity villain within your kid’s mouth.

Cavities can be painful for the kids and hurtful to the parents’ wallet. Both are a no-win situation.

But, there is something you can do to help prevent those pesky cavities and promote a healthy mouth for your children: dental sealants.

Let’s take a look at some dental sealants pros and cons.

Morgan Hill Smiles kids dental sealants

Seal The Deal

The word sealant is pretty self explanatory, but what exactly does it mean in dentistry?

Sealants are simple, plastic barriers to protect against cavities. Do your kids need them? It’s up to you as the parent, but we definitely recommend them.

We suggest you take the time to research in depth both the pros and cons of dental sealants, but here are a few that stand out to us.


  • easily applied and pain free
  • protection from bacteria
  • relatively inexpensive
  • easy to clean teeth


  • lasts only a few years
  • doesn’t protect decay from the side
  • if decay develops, sealants will hide it

Just like any parenting decision, dental sealants pros and cons are important to weigh before making your decision.

Keep it Clean, Keep the Tooth

We love to promote good brushing habits that are easy for your kids to learn and help keep those mouths happy and healthy.

One of the benefits we talked about was protecting those pearly whites from bacteria.

Your kids eat food everyday and food has bacteria everywhere. If left alone, the bacteria will eat away at the enamel leading to a greater chance of cavities forming.

By implementing a beneficial brushing routine and adding sealants to your kid’s teeth, you will decrease the chances of cavities forming. That’s music to every parent’s ears!

Your children’s teeth are healthy to begin with so why not put that extra protection on them with a quick, easy, and painless dental sealant?

Simply put, dental sealants will give your kid’s teeth that added protection from all that bacteria and also protect their permanent molars from future decay.

Let’s keep your kid’s teeth healthy and help seal-out decay!

Focused on Dental Excellence,

Dr. Manalili