Dental Crowns

Dental Crowns and CEREC Crowns

A Crown is placed on a teeth as a cap so that it prevents food from sticking to the teeth and causing it to decay. Crowns are also used to make broken or crooked teeth to look pleasing.

Regular Crown

A regular porcelain crown takes two visits to the dentist. On the first visit the tooth is made small so that the crown can be placed on it and then an impression of the shape of the teeth is taken. During this visit a temporary crown is also placed on the teeth to prevent any discomfort.
After a week the actual crown is glued to the teeth with the help of dental cement.

The final tooth is made to look like the other teeth in shape and color.

Cost of a Regular Dental Crown

The approximate cost of a dental crown in Morgan Hill is about (Porcelain Fused to Metal – PFM) US $ 1200 to US $ 1400. These PFM crowns are lab manufactured. They cannot be delivered in one sitting.

CEREC Technology

CEREC technology uses computers to get you a perfect crown in one sitting. The patient’s tooth structure is recorded by the computer and the software creates a shape and color gradient that perfectly matches your teeth. We also recommend this procedure because it can be completed in one sitting and it is less drilling and less pain for the patient.

Cost of a CEREC Crown

The cost of a CEREC crown is about $850 to $1000 Morgan Hill Smiles uses CEREC technology to give you a prefect smile.

Please contact our office to find out the cost for your dental crown today and we will give you the best price and service for all your dental needs.