Root Canal

Anatomy of a toothRoot Canals are the physical hollows which are inside the tooth. They have blood vessels and tissues and other cellular entities. It is that portion of the teeth that makes us feel hot, cold, pain in our teeth.

Once a tooth is infected so badly that the nerve is exposed to repeated infections, the dentist performs root canal therapy. To cure the infection and save the tooth, the dentist goes into the pulp chamber and removes the infected pulp and the nerve out of the root canal(s) with root canal files. After this is done, the dentist fills each of the root canals and the chamber with an inert material and seals up the opening. This procedure is known as root canal therapy. With the removal of nerves and blood supply from the tooth, it is best that the tooth be fitted with a crown which increases the prognosis of the tooth by six times.

We at our Morgan Hill dental office offer patients Root Canal Therapy. This is completed in 1 visit and is usually a painless procedure. In case of pain due to inflammation, we prescribe you medications that you can take after the procedure.

Cost of a Root Canal

Typical cost of a root canal is about $500 to $1200 depending on the amount of work that is needed to be done. Please call our office today to find out how much you will pay for a root canal in Morgan Hill and we should be able to get you the best price for the best dental work in the bay area.