Dental Implants

If you have experienced the loss of one or more teeth and wished for a second chance at healthy teeth and a smile, that opportunity now exists.

In fact, there are now many solutions to tooth loss that can not only give you a second chance, but may even simplify your long term treatment.

Before the introduction of dental implants, with each loss of a tooth, the remaining teeth were left with increased load and a consequent even greater chance at further tooth loss. The result was often a downward and unstoppable spiral of further tooth loss and increased cost.

Dental implants can reverse this spiral by restoring lost tooth support, distributing the load away from the remaining teeth helping to assure and maintain a stable and healthy long term dentition and smile.

The result? A second chance at the healthy look and feel of natural teeth … and a second chance to smile!

Morgan Hill Smiles is also proud to provide mini-implants to patients, too! Learn more about mini-implants, here.