Family Dentistry & Sleep Apnea Go Hand in Hand

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Sleep apnea is a serious problem that many adults face. It can sometimes be life-threatening and many Americans don’t even know they have it. For the ones that do suffer, you have a few options for treatment.

If you are unaware if you suffer from sleep apnea or not, signs and symptoms to look for include:

  • insomnia
  • fatigue
  • loud snoring
  • daytime sleepiness
  • choking or gasping for breath while waking up during sleep

If you suffer from any of these symptoms, you’ll need to be properly diagnosed by a physician. Many don’t realize family dentistry can help those who suffer from sleep apnea.

Morgan Hill Smiles Family Dentistry

If you suffer from sleep apnea, you do have options. The first line of treatment is CPAP therapy, which is a mask that covers your nose, which connects a tube to a machine, that supplies constant and steady air pressure.

These machines can be very effective, but are cumbersome to wear and many patients complain about having a dry mouth or nose, a leaky mask, and trouble falling asleep.

CPAP machines are also quite bulky and noisy.

A popular alternative treatment for sleep apnea is an oral appliance supplied from an accredited dentist, who is experienced in treating sleep apnea.

An oral appliance works by preventing the tongue and soft tissues in the back of the neck from collapsing, which keeps the airway open during sleep.

Benefits of the Oral Appliance

Many patients who have tried our oral appliance treatment have been very happy with the results.

Oral appliance therapy works by wearing a small, plastic device in your mouth that fits like a mouthguard or an orthodontic retainer.

Our patients love the ease and comfort of the oral appliances and they don’t find it hard to adapt to wearing them, versus a noisy machine and an uncomfortable mask over their face.

Oral appliances are easy to store when traveling and the treatment is reversible and non-invasive.

For the Recently Diagnosed

If you have been recently diagnosed with sleep apnea, the FDA has approved almost 85 oral appliances for treatment. You won’t even have to bother with CPAP therapy and go right into enjoying the comfort of sleeping better with an oral appliance.

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Dr. Manalili