One Day, New Smile – Revolutionary Teeth in a Day!

Dr. Ferdinand Manalili is proud to be the first and only dentist in the Bay area offering this revolutionary teeth in a day procedure. It now is possible to have a One Day, New Smile with our teeth in a day dental implant system.

Why Choose One Day, New Smile?

Traditional dentures or partial dentures are awkward, painful, and unpleasant. Movement of these appliances makes chewing and TASTING food difficult. These problems can actually lead to more dental problems in the jaw and mouth.

Getting fitted for dentures can sometimes take quite some time. This leaves you with no teeth and the inability to enjoy your life until they come in. Come step into the 21st century with One Day, New Smile. You can have all of your new teeth in a  day!

Here’s a few quick facts on your mouth you may not know:

  • Natural teeth have a chewing capacity of 100%
  • With just top dentures your chewing capacity drops to a mere 30%
  • Having top and bottom dentures drops your chewing capacity another 20%
  • Full dentures leave you with a measly 10% of your natural chewing capacity!
  • Upper dentures cover your palate, blocking many taste buds from enjoying the food you are chewing
  • Dentures are often unstable due to the lack of retention and, at times, can create some uncomfortable moments when the appliance flies out of your mouth
  • They are not aesthetically pleasing and often make wearers look much older than they really are

Compare the above statistics to One Day, New Smile.

  • This process allows you to have all of your teeth back in your mouth in just one day.
  • They look much more natural.
  • They do not cover any of your taste buds.
  • And the best part? They restore your chewing capacity to 90%+!

One Day, New Smile - Teeth in a day!

So, How Does One Day, New Smile Work?

The One Day, New Smile treatment concept replaces your missing teeth with a full dental bridge supported by only four dental implants.  

With less implants needed, the overall treatment, healing time, and cost is substantially reduced.  The unique One Day, New Smile solution also ensures greater stability in the bone. This reduces the need for bone graft surgery, which can be painful, requires a much longer healing period, and is much more costly.  

Our team of experts can place temporary provisional teeth on the same day of surgery. These provisional teeth look and feel much like natural teeth and allow you to lead a normal life immediately after surgery.  

After just a few months of healing time, our team will deliver your final, beautiful smile in about three easy and painless appointments. Your quality of life will dramatically improve and you will be able to enjoy your favorite foods again.

Your smile will positively change many aspects of your life, resulting in a more confident, younger-looking, and happier you.

What are you waiting for? If you can have a One Day, New Smile, think how quickly your life will change? Call today.

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