Why You Should Stop Drinking Soda, Now

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Morgan Hill Smiles family dentistryThere’s a reason soda is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. It comes in many varieties, tastes, and is quite ubiquitous. It also contains a large amount of the one thing that keeps you coming back for more: sugar.

Some might say the soda industry is what keeps family dentistry in business. Millions of Americans suffer from dental erosion by drinking too much sugary soft drinks and fruit juices.

Now, we all know soda is partly addictive due to the high sugar content. Many soda drinkers have tried to curb their habit by switching to fruit juices.

However, the problem is that many fruit juices still contain high amounts of sugar and acid, which are the two main culprits to dental erosion.

Numbers Don’t Lie

In a recent study conducted by the Journal of Public Health Dentistry who examined 3,773 participants, they found that 79% had evidence of dental erosion, 64% showed mild tooth wear, 10% had moderate tooth wear and 5% had severe tooth wear.

Those who were studied and showed moderate to severe tooth decay drank more soda and fruit juices than any other participant in the study.

Milk and water were among the popular beverage choices for the participants with least amount of tooth wear.

Just think about it: water and milk are better for your overall health, so why wouldn’t they be better for you oral health, too?

Erosion Can Be Stopped

By reducing your consumption of sugary drinks, along with regular checkups to your dentist, you can prevent your dental erosion from getting worse.

The more severe the dental erosion becomes the more costly it could be for treatments and overall restoration of your teeth.

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